Africentric / African-centered Philosophy

Broadly speaking, it is a philosophical manner of thought and way of life that places persons of African ancestry at the center of their own lived realities and analysis by reclaiming historical African values and moving forward to build futures.

DBDLI articulates Africentricity as one of its core values. We state this value as one of our actions.

Africentricity – We are committed to reclaiming and delivering African derived worldviews and values.

PANSEP Community Consultations (May – November 2016) and Recommendations

The Provincial African Nova Scotian Educational Partnership (PANSEP) with the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development decided that reaching out to the community to share roles, responsibilities and provide an organizational overview would be the logical first step to re-engage all parties through a spirit of cooperation…

Proverb / Word of the Month

“Knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand.” – Guinean Proverb

Call for Board Members

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