The DBDLI is guided by the following values.

  • Integrity: We are committed to demonstrate integrity through being ethical, honest and transparent in all that we do.

  • Community: We hold the interest of the African (Black) community at the forefront of our vision and mission.
  • Africentricity: We are committed to reclaiming and delivering African derived world views and values.

  • Social Responsibility: We are committed to ensuring our research and activities effectively support and benefit community.  We promote engagement & empowerment that leads to societal transformation.

  • Access & Equity: We are committed to advancing our vision/mission by creating pathways towards opportunities that strive to ensure inclusiveness and equity.

  • Anti-Oppression: We are committed to challenging, educating and raising awareness about oppression in all its forms.

  • Excellence in Africentric Education and Life Long Learning: We are committed to supporting and advancing the highest qualities and standards in academic achievement and on-going learning and development for the community utilizing an Africentric orientation.

  • Excellence in Africentric Research: We are committed to providing research that is informed by data (quantitative and qualitative), understands the community as central, and is grounded in the values and traditions of the African (Black) community.