The DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship Programme assists students of African ancestry to complete post-secondary education at the graduate level, and provide an opportunity for DBDLI to strengthen its relationship with ‘up and coming’ researchers in the African Nova Scotian community. Further, selected students are required to actively participate in regularly scheduled research sessions at the DBDLI office (in person or through distance technology) in which students will discuss research issues, share their research, provide peer support to other Graduate Research Fellows, receive mentorship from established academics, and provide mentorship to undergraduate students of African ancestry.

Selected students are awarded up to CDN $5000.00 in one academic year for a maximum of two years to use towards tuition, textbooks, and supplies.

Graduate Research

View the Fellowship participants, their works and a summary of their research undertaking

We are pleased to present the Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute Graduate Research Fellowship participants, their works and a summary of their research undertaking.


You are eligible to apply to the DBDLI Research Fellowship Programme if you are of African (Black) ancestry and have significant attachment to Nova Scotia which must be substantiated, and meet these criteria:

  • You are/will be conducting original research (for a thesis/dissertation) on a topic that fits the research needs identified by the DBDLI
  • You are a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
  • You applied or are currently attending an accredited publicly funded Canadian university
  • You are either a full time or part time student
  • You have at least one year remaining in a post-secondary academic graduate programme as of September 2015
  • You must have a minimum of a B average in your last completed year of study
  • To renew the award (if you are applying for funding for your second time), you must maintain a minimum of B standing
  • If you are already receiving partial funding from other sources, you may still apply to the DBDLI Research Fellowship Programme to cover additional educational and living expenses.

Programmes of Study Eligibility

The DBDLI will award up to 10 DBDLI Research Fellowships each year for students in all disciplines, especially in the social sciences and humanities, including education/lifelong learning, social work, child and youth, psychology, and sociology.

Application Process

  • Applications must be submitted online by July 24, 2015 by 4:00 pm AST (please note the application closing date has been changed from August 15 to July 24, 2015)
  • Submissions must include: the completed application form, your letter of acceptance from the post-secondary institution that you are attending, transcripts, research proposal, references (one academic reference and one personal)
  • You may submit your application in either of Canada’s official languages, French or English. However, applications must be completed and submitted using a single language
  • An interview may be requested by the DBDLI as part of the selection process

Selection Criteria

Criteria Description Score Weight
Significant attachment to Nova Scotia As demonstrated by the applicant’s clear and detailed explanation of his/her significant attachment to Nova Scotia. /20
Academic Excellence As demonstrated by past academic results, transcripts, awards and distinctions. Indicators of Academic Excellence:

  • Academic record
  • Scholarships/Awards held
  • Duration of previous studies
  • Type of programmes and courses pursued
  • Course Load
  • Relative standing
Research Potential As demonstrated by the applicant research history, his/her interest in discovery, the proposed research, its potential contribution to advancement of knowledge in the field, research needs of the DBDLI, and any anticipated outcomes. Indicators of Research Potential:

  • Quality and originality of contribution to research and development
  • Relevant work experience and academic training in field of proposed research
  • Significance, feasibility, and merit of proposed research
  • Judgement and ability to think critically
  • Initiative, autonomy and independence
  • Involvement in academic life
  • Research experience and achievement relative to expectations of someone with the candidate’s experience
  • The ability or potential to communicate clearly and logically in written and oral formats
Personal Characteristics As demonstrated by the applicant’s past professional and relevant extra-curricular interactions, community engagement, and volunteer work. Indicators of Personal Characteristics:

  • Personal attributes
  • Leadership experience
  • Volunteerism/community outreach
  • The quality or impact of contributions to the community
  • Work experience (if relevant)

Applications of students enrolled in full-time studies will be given greater weight than applications of students enrolled in part-time studies.


Each of the Research grants shall be comprised of a lump sum payment in the amount of up to $5000. The funds will be made co-payable to the recipient and to the University. Funds can be released to the students after all university related cost have been paid. Funds will be dispersed on or before October 1, 2015.

Conditions of Awards

  • You certify that all the information provided on the application form and in all the accompanying documents is true, accurate, and complete to the best of your knowledge. You understand that the provision of false information will render you ineligible for this DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship.
  • In the event that you are a DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, you grant to the DBDLI the worldwide right to use your name, image, likeness, city and province of residence, university name and any direct quotes made by you in respect of the DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship programme for publicity purposes in any and all media without further compensation.
  • You hereby authorize third parties, such as universities, government or community sources to release information required for the DBDLI Graduate Research Award, and their respective representatives who need to know such information for purposes of administering the DBDLI Graduate Research Award Programme. This information may include personal evaluations, verification that student information is correct and transcripts.
  • As a DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, you are required to actively participate in regularly scheduled research sessions at the DBDLI office (in person or through distance in which you will discuss research issues, share your research, provide peer support to other Graduate Research Fellows, receive mentorship from an established academic, and provide mentorship to an undergraduate students) of African ancestry for the duration of at least one academic year during the year of your award).
  • As a DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, if there is a need for you to change your research focus the DBDLI will be consulted.
  • As a DBDLI Graduate Research Fellowship recipient, you will submit your completed Master or Doctorate thesis electronically and in hard copy to the DBDLI within two months of defending it.

Applications are currently closed.

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