DBDLI Response to Dr. Avis Glaze’s Report

Raising the Bar: A Coherent and Responsive Education Administrative System for Nova Scotia

The Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute (DBDLI) is pleased to have been consulted for Dr. Avis Glaze’s report. As an organization with a mandate to serve African Nova Scotian learners, the DBDLI provides research-informed advice to advance and support the African Nova Scotian community.

The core message from Dr. Glaze’s report is that Nova Scotia needs a student-centered perspective to guide governance and administrative structures that support teaching and learning. For our part, the DBDLI can focus on our expertise that supports academic and social learning needs.

The DBDLI endorses the recommendation to establish “an independent Student Progress Assessment Office (SPAO) … and an assessment division to develop high-quality student assessments, reporting directly to the public on province-wide results, and ensuring the assessments are aligned with the curriculum.” “We need to work with disaggregated data in order to do the work of addressing the Achievement Gap and supporting learner’s success”, says the DBDLI’s Director of Research, Dr. George Frempong.

In support of this recommendation, the DBDLI will continue to conduct research that informs policies and practices intended to improve the quality of education for African Nova Scotian learners and communities. We look forward to working through an organizational model that values and incorporates the uniqueness of various communities.

The DBDLI acknowledges the expertise and passion that Dr. Avis Glaze brought to this review. We thank her for inviting the Institute to provide its unique perspective for consideration.


Sylvia Parris
CEO, Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute

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